The 7 Deadly Sins of Struggling Writers

Column by Christoph Paul September 4, 2017
Sorry to cast stones, fellow writers, but this needs to be said.
New Bible Complete With Emojis

New Bible Complete With Emojis

News by Peter Derk June 1, 2016
New emoji Bible lets you be self-righteous AND obnoxiously millennial.
Wicked Bible up for Sale

Wicked Bible up for Sale

News by Raine Winters October 21, 2015
Logline: According to the sinner’s version of the bible, adultery is perfectly legit.

4 Great Literary Moms

Column by Ed Sikov May 7, 2015
A brief survey of that peculiar and rare literary character: the good mother.
Boy Who Came Back From Heaven Never Actually Went

Boy Who Came Back From Heaven Never Actually Went

News by Peter Derk January 19, 2015
Are these heavenly tourism books a bunch of Malarkey?

Bible Thumping: The Good Book For Writers

Column by Peter Derk June 25, 2014
A quest to read The Bible as a writer begins with the task of figuring out just which Bible is the right one.

Heaven Sent: Biblical Mythology and Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna December 9, 2013
Examples of mythology taken from Judeo-Christian scripture.

What Would Jesus Write?

Column by Rob Blair Young August 16, 2013
A pseudo-serious examination of who Jesus would be if he were a modern writer, one that answers questions about Jesus's genre, style, theme, and approach to publishing.
Atheists Texts to Sit Alongside Holy Bibles

Atheist Texts to Sit Alongside Holy Bible in Georgia State Parks

News by Christopher Shultz May 21, 2013
A prominent atheist group hopes to diversify the religious reading material offered in cabins and other state lodgings. Will they succeed?
Man spends 4 years copying King James Bible by hand

Man Copies the King James Bible by Hand - in Four Years

News by Dean Fetzer May 7, 2013
Phillip Patterson, from New York, “inspired by Islamic tradition”, has nearly finished the hand-written copy of the Bible he started in 2009.

The 10 Books That Taught Me Everything I Know About Sex

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky March 22, 2013
Consider this a warning: Properly educate your children about sex OR THEY WILL TURN OUT LIKE ME!
Norwegian Bible Society 2011

Bible on Bestseller List for 56 Weeks - in Norway

News by Dean Fetzer December 21, 2012
A new translation of the Bible has become one of the hottest-selling books in Norway, contending with the likes of E. L. James and James Nesbø.

Passing Strange: 15 Of The Most Bizarre Author Deaths On Record

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky June 27, 2012
A list of authors whose passing couldn't have been stranger if they'd written it themselves.

LURID: The End Of The World As We Know It

Column by Karina Wilson January 6, 2012
2012 is here. Before you cash out your 401(K) and start stockpiling weaponry (don’t forget the ammo!), let Lurid get all eschatological on your ass.

Happy 400th, King James Bible! (and why you should care as a writer)

Column by Phil Jourdan November 29, 2011
This year the King James Bible turns 400 years old. Let's look back at how this monumental book came to be, and what it has meant for the literary world.