New Yorker Rejects Short Story They Already Published

New Yorker Rejects Its Own Previously Published Short Story

News by Dean Fetzer March 20, 2013
In an experiment to test the ‘slush’ pile of a number magazines, David Cameron submitted a short story previously published in the New Yorker — and it was universally rejected.
National Punctuation Day, News, The New Yorker

Happy National Punctuation Day!

News by Kimberly Turner September 24, 2012
It's the ninth annual National Punctuation Day! Let's, uh, celebrate or something by creating some new punctuation marks with 'The New Yorker.'
News, Apple, Censorship, The New Yorker

Apple Afraid Of The Word 'Vagina', Censors Book Title In iTunes

News by Rob Hart September 14, 2012
In its quest to rid the world of all things offensive, Apple has deemed the word 'vagina' as too racy--even if its the title of a book.
News, The New Yorker

'The New Yorker' Introduces iPhone App With Help From Most Handsome Man Ever (And Others)

News by Rob Hart August 9, 2012
'The New Yorker' has debuted an iPhone app--and they've introduced it through a pretty funny video starring Lena Dunham, Alex Karpovsky, and the most handsome man ever, Jon Hamm.
Jonah Lehrer makes up Bob Dylan quotes

Self-Plagiarist Jonah Lehrer In Trouble Again: This Time For Making Up Bob Dylan Quotes

News by Dave Reuss August 1, 2012
Self plagiarizing: not great. Making up quotations: really not great.
Rejected F. Scott Fitzgerald Story Published

Second Chances: Rejected F. Scott Fitzgerald Story Published

News by Dave Reuss July 31, 2012
After 76 years in the rejection bin, this F. Scott Fitzgerald short story sees the light of day.
Jennifer Egan Twitter Short Story

Jennifer Egan Is Using Twitter To Release Her Next Short Story

News by Rob Hart
Jennifer Egan, author of 'A Visit from the Good Squad,' is doling out a short story one tweet at a time, in advance of its publication in 'The New Yorker' on Monday.
Frazen vs Wallace

Jonathan Franzen Drops Gossip On David Foster Wallace

News by Brandon Tietz October 13, 2011
Is it possible that David Foster Wallace took some liberties with his non-fiction? Jonathan Franzen thinks so.