10 Best Books to Get Your Travel Back On

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
This exciting list will show you 10 of the best books to spark change in how you travel. If your inner wanderlust is dying to escape, read on!

Go Out to Dinner with These 7 Delicious Books

Column by Lisa Bubert
Miss going out to eat? Why not dine in with a good book? (Because really, you have no choice.)

Planes, Readings, and Mayhem: My Year on the Road

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 9, 2020
I spent a lot of time doing book stuff in 2019. Here's what I learned.

Storyville: How Travel Can Inform Your Writing

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how travel can inform your fiction.
Interview with Michael Onofrey, Author of Sightseeing

Interview: Michael Onofrey, Author of "Sightseeing"

Interview by Christoph Paul
We speak with international author and man of mystery, Michael Onofrey.

Teaching My First Writing Class

Column by Christoph Paul August 3, 2018
I taught my first writing class — in Barcelona.

7 Tips For Your Summer Road Trip From Jack Kerouac

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
In homage to the trip behind Jack Kerouac's "On The Road," we're sharing seven Kerouac-inspired travel tips. Pack them up and take them with you... on the road.

11 Tips To Keep You Writing While Traveling

Column by Peter Derk
After 22 flights in 3 months, I've honed a few methods to keep you writing in transit.

James Joyce Loved Trieste, As Do I

Column by Karis Rogerson February 2, 2018
A look at James Joyce's history with Trieste, a city of inspiration.

13 Tourist Destinations for Horror Lovers

Column by Annie Neugebauer October 6, 2017
A list of 13 destinations for fans of the macabre, strange, and creepy. These locations are real – and really disturbing.

My Own Kind of Beautiful: How Geography Affects the Writing Process

Column by J. David Osborne July 27, 2017
Is there a link between where a writer comes from and the type of work they produce? Can moving to a new place disrupt that production?

5 Lit-Friendly Cities You Can Expatriate To

Column by Christopher Shultz February 13, 2017
Has the political climate got you down? Are you ready to abandon your homeland and relocate to another country? Why not try these five literary destinations?

The Horror Fiction Atlas: 7 Spooky Books with Settings You Can Actually Visit

Column by Leah Dearborn
There are exciting stops for the more macabre among us all over the country, so here are just a few to start Halloween off with.

Book Tour Diaries: Planning the Trip and What to Pack

Column by Rob Hart February 11, 2016
Rob Hart is about to embark on his first book tour, hitting four cities on the West Coast. He shares how he planned it, what he's packing, why he's doing it — and what he's hoping to accomplish.

Book And Bed: Tokyo's Bookstore/Hotel

News by Peter Derk July 23, 2015
Ever wanted to spend the night in a bookstore? Here's your chance.

Writer Without Residence: Keeping it Lit on the Road

Column by Emma McMorran Clark June 25, 2014
Writer-in-residency. Pfft. Been done. What about the great tradition of the travelling storyteller, a writer’s life on the road like, well...'On the Road'?

Different Ways to Tell the Truth: A Primer on Creative Nonfiction Subgenres

Column by Taylor Houston November 13, 2013
There are many ways to tell a true story--here are just a few.

A Literary Nerd in Krakow

Column by Rob Hart August 29, 2013
Kraków is a great destination for a literary nerd, from the abundance of folklore and legend to the emotional devastation of Nazi concentration camps.

A Literary Nerd in Prague

Column by Rob Hart August 27, 2013
From the Kafka Museum to the Sedlec Ossuary to its plethora of bookstores, Prague is a great destination for literary nerds.

Big In Japan: 12 Japanese Covers of Popular Bestsellers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky August 26, 2013
I went to Japan. Are their book covers as crazy as their food and their game shows? You be the judge.

Anthony Bourdain: Is He A Better Chef, Writer, or TV Personality?

Column by Taylor Houston June 28, 2013
He cooks, he writes, and he travels; but Anthony Bourdain is really only great at one of these things.
Amazon Takes Readers on a Trip With New Discovery Tool

New Amazon eBook Discovery Tool Takes Readers “Around the World in 80 Books”

News by Dean Fetzer
The online giant has just unveiled “a curated map of books from the book editors at Amazon.com” for a literary world trip, with 80 new and classic books representing each continent.
"The Silent History", The eBook That Makes You Travel

The Silent History: The eBook That Makes You Travel

News by Benoît Lelièvre October 10, 2012
A new eBook is proposing a new, revolutionary way to read and experience literature. "The Silent History" is the novel that makes you travel.

The Weird Side Of Literary Tourism: Five Bizarre Book-Inspired Experiences

Column by Kimberly Turner September 13, 2012
Ride through the diseased sewage of Charles Dickens's England, watch a MacBeth-inspired rave/orgy, survive a 'Hunger Games' simulation, and other bizarre ways to live out your favorite books.