15 Underrated Love Poems

Column by Emmanuel Nataf February 14, 2022
Set aside your violets and tulips and summer days; let’s take a look at some romantic poems you may not have heard of before, but which deserve your attention just the same.

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9 Sexy Poems to Read with Your Valentine

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Writers

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A very serious gift-giving guide for those in love with a writer.

If Books Were Assorted Chocolates

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You thought comparing apples and oranges was tough. How about chocolates and books?

Platonic Love Between Men In Fiction

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Single And Loving It: A Reading List

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Some folks are riding solo this Valentine's. And whether that's by choice, by chance, or by circumstance, lots of them are loving it.

Forget the Love Poems This Valentine's Day, But Fall in Love With Poetry

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Poetry is more than the cheesy words written on Valentine's Day cards. Learn to love poetry even if you're not a poet.

Kindling Love: 9 of the Strangest Erotic Stories on Kindle

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Pimp dinos, astronaut dinos, and other things non-dino: the weirdest Kindle erotica.

7 Romantic Valentine's Day Novels

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10 Love Poems Beyond Roses Are Red

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The 5 Stages Of Realizing Your Lover Is Not A Book Lover

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It's hard to accept, but accept you must.

32 Valentines: Showing Love For Books And Writers

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What happens when you send out 32 Valentines to people who helped you out, inspired you, or made your life generally better as a reader and a writer?

Some Literary Dos and Don'ts for a Lonely Valentine's Day

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The Art And Necessity Of Love Letters

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What do you learn after writing 500 love letters?

Five Unconventional Fantasy Relationships

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