6 Couples in Literature Who Should Just Break Up Already

Column by Riki Cleveland February 23, 2017
You might have your OTP, but we have couples who should just call it quits.

9 Gothic Novels Less than 40 Years Old

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Gothic fiction may be a genre born of tradition, but these 9 atmospheric novels aren’t even over the hill!

LURID: Lifetime (Movie) Achievements

Column by Karina Wilson January 17, 2014
Lifetime Movies have always been a guilty pleasure, but this month the female-centered network surpasses itself with all-new 'Flowers In The Attic' and Lizzie Borden adaptations. Lurid takes a look.

LURID: Flowers In The Attic

Column by Karina Wilson January 20, 2012
My personal Bad Book: V.C. Andrews' "spellbinding classic", Flowers In The Attic.