Upon My Death: What Happens To An Author's Unfinished Work?

Column by Peter Derk November 8, 2018
If you don't make those decisions before you die, your loved ones will have to. And even then, who knows...

10 Novels that Deserve a Remake

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 8, 2018
I hate movie remakes, but they are ridiculously popular, so I'm throwing in the towel and asking for remakes of novels.

5 Famous Bestsellers That Were Rejected (And 50 More)

Column by Michael David Wilson
Rejection is hard, but it's universal. We highlight 55 bestsellers that were rejected.

The Gift of Gab: Mastering the Maximal

Column by Susan DeFreitas December 4, 2014
Hemingway, famously, kept it short and sweet. But if you've got the gift of gab, like Nabokov and Marquez, you can stretch out with sentences that gallop, guffaw, and bulge with overstuffed wit.

Culling The Classics: Lolita

Column by Brian McGackin February 25, 2014
Sifting through history, one classic at a time.

Lurid: Nipped In The Bud - Hebephilia in Fiction

Column by Karina Wilson February 5, 2014
Does writing about a pubescent object of desire put the 'ick' in fiction? Lurid takes a look at some of the most contentious protagonists ever written - an unholy quartet of hebephiles.

Better Off Dead: 10 Posthumous Novels That Should Have Never Been Published

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 23, 2013
You want to devour every scrap of paper your favorite author has ever written, but is it worth tarnishing their legacy?
Nabokov Museum Vandalised

Nabokov Museum Vandalised by 'Moralizing Ultraconservatives'

News by Christopher Shultz February 1, 2013
The "St. Petersburg Cossacks" hate Vladimir Nabokov and his work, and they're taking this rage out on his former home.

Five of the Best Books I Ever Reread

Column by Ed Sikov September 7, 2012
Tired of the attacks, the sniping, the bitter accusations? There's more to Ed Sikov than you've been led to think. Here he talks about books he loves so much he can't get enough of them.
Rare Nabokov Published in English

Nabokov Fans Rejoice; Rare Short Story Published In English For First Time

News by Rob Hart August 2, 2012
A short story written by Vladimir Nabokov about boxing is now available in English for the first time. Leo Tolstoy's great-great-great granddaughter helped translate it!

World Book and Copyright Day –The Best Holiday You Never Heard Of

Column by Taylor Houston April 23, 2012
Books are the best! So let's celebrate them today--a day marked by literary history!

LURID: My Top 10 Bloody Valentines

Column by Karina Wilson February 14, 2012
Happy ever after? How dull can you get?! Lurid's Top Ten pick of the bloodiest, most doomed, destructive and messed up relationships in literature. Happy Valentine's Day!