'World War Z' Audiobook Attracts Big Name Celebrities

New 'World War Z' Audiobook Attracts Big Name Celebrities

News by Christopher Shultz
From seasoned zombie veterans to 'Star Trek' cast members to freakin' Martin Scorsese, this audiobook sounds like a blast!

Book vs. Film: Warm Bodies

Column by Meredith Borders February 22, 2013
The zom-rom-com book faces off against the zom-rom-com movie.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 6: Fare Thee Well

Column by Rob Hart January 23, 2013
This is my last column on self-publishing. Let's wrap it up, look back, have a good laugh, and stick a pin in this.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 5: The Virtue of Patience, And Also Money

Column by Rob Hart December 27, 2012
I stop worrying about the immediate payoff and learn to love the long game.
Author Joseph D'Lacey Eaten by a Zombie

Author Joseph D'Lacey Eaten by a Zombie

News by Christopher Shultz November 20, 2012
Lots of writers figuratively die while promoting a book. This one died for real (or did he?)

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 4: I Did A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Column by Rob Hart November 19, 2012
Last month, I hadn't really done anything to promote my novella. So this month, I worked a lot harder at it. And it helped. A little. I think?
Ant-like Behaviour of World War Z’s Zombies

Ant-like Behaviour of World War Z’s Zombies Explained

News by Dean Fetzer November 13, 2012
According to zombie neuroscientist Bradley Voytek, the behaviour of the movie’s fast zombies is more like the way ants act.
10 Questions with Sean Beaudoin

10 Questions with Sean Beaudoin

Interview by Joe Daly November 5, 2012
Author Sean Beaudoin has released two buzzworthy titles in one year, co-founded a popular new literary site, and pissed off half of Salon.com. He now visits LitReactor to take on our 10 Questions.

Your Favorite Book Sucks: 'World War Z - An Oral History of the Zombie War'

Column by Meredith Borders October 26, 2012
Get ready to get angry: Meredith cannot abide your favorite zombie book.
Margaret Atwood Naomi Alderman Zombie

Margaret Atwood, Naomi Alderman Collaborate on Serialized Zombie Tale

News by Dan Shewan October 25, 2012
Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman are working together to create 'The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home,' a collaborative story that is being serialized by Wattpad.

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 3: So, Can We Talk About Some Stuff?

Column by Rob Hart October 16, 2012
Empirical evidence: If you don't put much effort into selling your self-published work, you will not sell any copies!

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 2: From Art To Commerce

Column by Rob Hart September 20, 2012
My novella is now available for sale. It's like being done with something I have to keep working on. Also, let's talk marketing, and see my latest sales tallies.

Why The Hell Do We Want Everyone To Die and Eat Our Brains?: Zombie Fiction and The American Obsession With The End of the World

Column by Keith Rawson August 27, 2012
Death! Consumerism! The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse! Oh My! Why is zombie fiction so popular among novelists and the American public?

Beyond the Zombie: Something Ominous is Missing from Horror Fiction

Column by Jack Joslin February 8, 2012
An analysis of what's missing in our conception of "horror" — should we drop zombies and vampires and return to the essence of being terrified?